Schedule for: TOO MUCH INFORMATION 2023!

Edition #001:      October 14 & 15

Hosted at : Problem Library, 1288 15th Ave San Francisco CA 94122

Saturday October 14:

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Early bird welcome & social time with Tamara Chu and coffee


Welcome address by Tamara & Daniel Lucas


The Practice of Love reading discussion led by Daniel and Chelsie Joy Valerio.

In the fourth section of The Art of Loving Erich Fromm writes that if "love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence, then any society which excludes, relatively, the development of love, must in the long run perish of its own contradiction with the basic necessities of human nature".

What does it mean to practice love in 2023? What does love mean to our individual growth and the well-being of our communities? How do we develop the ability to love and to be loved?

Join us for a conversation on this deeply important question and practice.

If you will be joining for this discussion, make sure to do the reading.
PDF can be found here.:

The Practice of Love PDF


Presentation & conversation on Solis Ardor, a Problem Children School designed by Giovana Tavares, moderated by Blake Conway

In the spring of 2023 Giovana was prompted with creating a design and model for a Problem Children school, which she named Solis Ardor. The imagined structure is designed to be a new kind of educational building and social context.

For this presentation Giovana and Blake will talk about the ideas that went into creating Solis Ardor, the ways architecture affects what we imagine as possible, and how social context and cultures activate physical spaces.


Artist talk with Lynette Nicole Betancur and Georgia Hodges - moderated by Daniel

A conversation on the artistic process between two ceramic sculptors.

Georgia Hodges is a ceramicist, painter, and gardener who has spent decades focusing on process, reflecting nature by placing an emphasis on constant change, growth, and the journey. Lynette Nicole Betancur is a sculptor and designer whose work plays with the cycles of light, shifts in perspective, scale, interactivity, and materiality. Her sculptural vessels seem to be born from the earth itself - more reminiscent of a tree or boulder than anything human-made.

Georgia Hodges online

Lynette Nicole Betancur online


"Pain and Mini Deaths Are Necessary For Transformation and Authenticity" a speech by Monica Cuenca

Monica is a young musician, photographer, and Problem Children alumni.


"Buoyancy, Balance" story and presentation by Vicki Tan

How do we find balance between what comes and what goes?

Vicki is an independent designer, currently working on an illustrated book to teach humans about cognitive bias


What Are You Working On? presentations by Airis Encarnacion, Danny Jones (YASLY), and Carter Flemming.

Three artists, three presentations. Each artist will present on a project or idea they are currently working on. Audience members are invited to ask RELEVANT questions or add RELEVANT ideas during presentations.

Airis Encarnacion is a photographer and young designer from Oakland and a Problem Children alumni. Danny Jones is a designer, 3D artist, and AI campaigner. Carter Flemming is a young architect and poet from San Francisco and a Problem Children alumni.



Your Two-Day (or Saturday) ticket includes dinner. Join us for a communal pizza party dinner!

Pizza generously donated by the amazing Damn Fine

During dinner we will conduct the TMI Raffle! Each TMI ticket provides you with one raffle entry. (More raffle entries can be purchased).

Raffle Prize: a One-of-a-kind 500 piece TMI graphic puzzle!


Film screenings presented by Kaiya Jordan and Nate Zack

Kaiya Jordan is a Problem Children alumni and will screen her experimental documentary Like a stone or flower (runtime: 10 mins, 2023) - a contemplative, ecstatic, and profound examination on the artistic process and inner lives of artists told through the eyes of three asian-american artists from the Bay Area.

Nate Zack will give a brief introduction ahead of screening A Day on the Grand Canal with the Emperor of China or surface is illusion but so is depth (runtime: 46 mins, 1988) by Philip Haas and David Hockney.

Description: Painted by Wang Hui and his assistants, the seventh scroll of "The Kangxi Emperor's Southern Inspection Tour" contains over 72 feet of beautiful and minutely detailed artistry, executed before Western perspective was ever introduced into Chinese methods. Famed artist David Hockney contrasts the fluid spatiality of this scroll with a later scroll painted by Xu Yang, and brings the bustling streets and waterfronts of three hundred years ago to life. Hockney and director Philip Haas spin a dazzling discourse on eastern and western forms and their relationship to modern artistic visions in such way that not only entertains, but provides a lifelike and joyous adventure for all.

Sunday October 15:

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Creative Works Sprung From Love by Sharon Sheehan

For our only lecture, Sharon will share a lecture on creative works that are sprung from love.


Baked goods and pastries by the Goods Gals (Amber Bewick, Jessica Raygoza, and Sofia Alicastro)

Three amazing bakers share a spread of delicious baked goods for a communal snack-y lunch.


Secular Pilgrimage to St. Anne of the Sunset. A site visit and history lesson by Nicole Meldahl of Western Neighborhoods Project (WNP)

Not far from our venue (Problem Library) is the Sunset District’s first official monument to the Catholic faith: St. Anne’s Church. Join a short Western Neighborhoods Project History Walk with Executive Director Nicole Meldahl (an agnostic historian) as she covers the church’s role in the neighborhood’s development as a site of Irish diaspora, how the building’s architecture connects to an artistic San Jose nun, its history as a reliquary beacon of pilgrimage, and what this all means to contemporary culture.

On the 90th anniversary of the dedication of St. Anne’s basilica on October 15, 1933, let’s gather to invest in the meaning of this place and pull this history into the present of our daily lives.

Western Neighborhoods Project is a community history nonprofit dedicated to preserving and sharing stories about people and places in San Francisco’s west side. Because History really is that simple.


TMI closing celebration and conversation led by Daniel, Tamara, Danny and Jeff.

Wrap up the first ever TMI with a conversation and reflection time. We'll be discussing the origins of Too Much Information, it's goals and the process of developing this new event series - from planning to curating and design to website development, and of course, our approach to getting the word out.