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Too Much Information (TMI) is an event series presented by Problem Children students and mentors, as well as collaborators from the broader Problem Library community.

TMI was born from a belief that knowledge, vitality of culture, and expansion of human potential is achieved through inter-generational exchanges. By fostering this type of exchange we hope to play a role in the health and vitality of our local community.

TMI offers our local youth an opportunity to collaborate with more experienced creatives to create programming that explores their unique talents, perspectives, and contributions. These collaborations develop long-term relationships built on mutual daring and support.

In addition to these young creatives, TMI invites emerging, developed, and elder voices to develop and lead programming blocks. This mix sparks generative, adaptive, and robust conversations, and encourages everyone to show up as both a teacher and a student. This approach also highlights that, when we speak from the heart, we are all worth listening to – no matter our age. It reminds us that we are all becoming.

TMI takes place in person because we believe that in a time of bountiful (digital) information, we need new local (physical) spaces where we can build shared wisdom, nurture relationships, and develop ongoing conversations. Places where we can share from the heart with vulnerability to find allies, collaborators, and compatriots.

We hope TMI can be a nurturing, small, local place where connections can be made based on shared visions and aspirations for our individual growth and the flourishing of our common culture.

"Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink"

-Samuel Taylor Coleridge

For culture to survive, and thrive, there must exist an element of ushering youth into the so-called "real world". If we fail to put effort and thought into how we are educating, treating, and making space for the youth - culture will be lost. We will be stuck in an eternal present - where the old and the forthcoming are irrelevant and all that matters is what is happening now.

We must make room, space, opportunity for our youth to shape the world in ways that honor their personhood and unique contribution to our human story.

We began Problem Children as a way to create what we wish we had growing up.

TMI is the next iteration of this goal.

The first TMI took place on Saturday October 14 and Sunday October 15, and consisted of conversations, presentations, screenings, and social time. The second TMI is taking place on April 27th 2024.

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TMI credits

As a program, event series, and piece of cultural infrastructure Too Much Information was created, designed, and developed by Tamara Chu, Danny Jones, Daniel Lucas, Nadine Macapagal, Jeff Masamori.

Moral, intellectual, and material support in bringing this vision to life was provided by Sofia Alicastro, Blake Conway, Airis Encarnacion, Kira Fukuda, Lea Huang-Yanez, Mid Journey, Chelsie Joy Valerio, and Nate Zack.

TMI is an effort of Problem Library, a San Francisco-based organization supporting a renaissance towards beauty, goodness and truth in art, education, and cultural infrastructure.

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