too much information is a problem children gathering hosted at problem library.
TWO Much Information IS COMING TO YOU ON APRIL 27th!.


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The second ever
event is happening on Saturday
April 27, 2024
from 1230pm to 8pm

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The theme for TMI #002 is Observation

There are two ways to define observation: as viewer or as commentator. These are not two sides of the same coin, but a river and its banks. Observation invites us in and gifts us new vistas.

What can be gained through our observation of the world? How can we create in accordance with our observations? Where can observation take us?

Through observation we find beauty, connection, and value in all things. Through our observations we define, inspire, and cultivate the world we believe in. When we observe, the world imbues us with spirit and we add our uniqueness to its shape. Observation is the path toward a deeper fellowship with the world. —

More on the theme here (coming soon).

Check out the TMI 002 reading list here (coming soon).

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So what is too much information any way??

Too Much Information (TMI) is a bi-annual event that brings together Bay Area creatives from all stages of life and artistic development to learn from and share with each other.

TMI is an event that consists of conversations, presentations, screenings, and social time aimed at nurturing a more robust, thoughtful, and healthy creative community.

TMI honors creative spirits at all stages by highlighting the reality that we are all becoming. TMI is a space where everyone who enters is a student and a teacher.


TMI believes that in a time of bountiful information, we need new local (physical) spaces where collaborations and connections can be seeded and nurtured. This must be built through common vision and life purpose. TMI is a chance to share from the heart and find allies.

TMI trusts that the way to create new knowledge, develop wisdom, and expand our potential is through inter-generational relationships built on mutual support, encouragement, and daring. This behavior is a practice we need to relearn on a cultural level. TMI is an arena for that practice. Learn more about the first ever TMI:
TMI 001 recap

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